We are so confident about our Wire & Cable products, we offer a lifetime warranty on performance.

Warranty (1)

Not all specifications are what they appear to be.  Make sure you are comparing apples to apples.  


Some use reduced diameter copper, example:  if you order Category 5, the cable is 24awg 4pair, the copper circular diameter should be .51mm on 24awg, however if you get .48mm copper that is 5.9% less copper that you were not aware of and paid for.  By the manufacturer reducing the copper they cannot save money but lower the performance of the cable in the case of Category 5 most cables using reduced copper will not meet specifications and performance standards.


UPG has been maintaining stringent ISO 9001:2008 standards for over a decade and continues to conform to ISO standards to insure utmost accuracy, efficiency, quality standards and optimum customer satisfaction.  At UPG we have also obtained UL, ETL and Fire Marshal approvals in the development of our low voltage cable products to insure 100% Guaranteed to the quality and performance of every cable product.

Audio -Cable

High-flex audio cables are the most flexible, installer cables on the market.


Wide mouth pay-out tube insures a tangle free pull-box.

The box Drop Test, our boxes withstand a 1 story drop test to insure strength and continued tangle free pull out.


Next thing that is happening with cable is the footage marking on the cables are not every foot or every 2 feet.  In fact we have found that some distributors are fully aware that the cable is being marked short by 1 to 2 inches every 1 or 2 feet, shorting you the cosumner up to 10% of the total cable length.  All cables are 100% ascending/descending footage so you know what is left in every box.  (001ft/999ft)  

Fire -Alarm (2)

Fire Alarm Cables are manufactured to an mid-capacitance standard to meet increasing demand for addressable fire alarm systems.